The Deposition Platform
For The New Normal.

DepoDash is a virtual deposition and hearing platform offering the highest standards of security and accuracy established by the court reporting industry.

“Attorneys can focus on examining witness rather than being distracted by technology.”

Unlike the competition, we have designed our own verbatim reporting platform, from the ground up, to offer a consistent user interface and a pleasant user experience rather than piecemeal products from various vendors with different user interfaces.

“Convenient, Intuitive, and Comprehensive Technology”

Our team brings nearly a century of combined experience to the table. Our proprietary platform addresses the need to capture, store, prepare, and deliver accurate records promptly.  All your clients has to is to plan, strategize, and focus on their case, and let the court reporter deliver the services they need to prevail.

Reserve a Virtual Room…

Call a DepoDash partner to reserve a virtual room or use your client portal to secure a room.

Arrive fresh ready to examine your witness.

The court reporter or session manager will ensure participants follow the proper decorum, and maintain clear audio and video records.

While on the record…

View real-time testimony
Add private notes to your copy of the transcript
Search the transcript
Display exhibits
Share your screen
Go to a secure huddle room for an off-the-record discussion
Export your private notes
Export a rough copy of the transcript
Request read-back

Back in the war room…

Connect to your transcript repository to review your private notes, exhibits, and transcripts. Receive a copy of the transcript time-sync’d with the audio and video to prepare for your trial.

Paying the piper…

Your deposition bill will be accurate and predictable. No surprises.

Connect with our team.

We make remote proceedings safe, secure, and efficient.