Getting your Computer Ready

System Requirements: 

  • Microsoft Windows® computer (Windows 10 or 11 with Chrome or Edge Browser)
  • Internet Connection:  A good internet connection is vital to your online meeting.  DepoDash recommends 10 Mbps for both download and upload speeds.  Click the Start button to benchmark your internet connection.

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Choose your Audio/Video Device

IMPORTANT!  Setting your audio and video/webcam devices is vital to your online meeting.  

(Test my audio and webcam)

Enter a Room

  • Join a room using the emailed invitation link
  • Registered users can also log in and choose to Enter a room.

Basic Features

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

DepoDash uses its Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to record everything that is “On the record.”  When the court reporter or host puts the meeting on the record, ASR transcribes the words that are spoken into text in transcript format.  Audio and video are recorded when the meeting is on the record.  

Change Conference Position

Use the change conference position icon() to rearrange the layout of the videos and transcript.

On the Record Indicators

 Green () indicates the conference is connected.  Red ()indicates conference audio and video are being recorded.  The red audio icon will flash when the recording is in progress.

Mute Audio and Turn off Video

You may use the Mute button (displayed above) to mute the audio (microphone) or click the Video button to turn off your camera.

Pin the Witness

In normal operation, the person talking automatically moves to the leftmost, topmost, or middle video position, depending on your layout.  You can also “pin the witness” or any other video so that it stays in the number one primary position. This helps you keep focus on any particular participant, for example, the witness or questioning attorney.  Choose the pin icon in the lower right corner of the speaking person’s video.


Use picture-in-picture to move a participant’s video outside of the main conference area.  This is useful when exhibits are being shared in order to focus on participants.  Picture-in-picture videos can also be moved to a second monitor for optimal viewing.

Share files and Share screen

Use the Share button ()  to Share Exhibits option or the Share Files option to upload and publish exhibits for attendees to review.  Share options are based on roles and permissions.  As a witness or host, you may not need these permissions.


Use the chat icon () to chat with all participants or individuals privately.

Scroll to the End of the Document

The automatic scroll button ()will appear at the lower right corner of the screen when the user scrolls away from the bottom of the real-time document. Use this icon to resume the automatic scrolling of testimony.


Use the settings button () for more options and settings.  These features are available based on roles and privileges.  

Leave or Exit Conference

When finished, use the leave room button () to exit the meeting.

Witness, Deponent, and Observer Features

Be sure to choose the right speakers, microphone, and webcam for the meeting.  These can be chosen under the Settings button.


Use the Test and Check Settings buttons to test your audio and video.

Viewing Options

As a witnessdeponent, or observer, you may be shown the conference plus transcript view or the conference only view with no transcript.  This permission is determined by the attorneys and the host.

– OR –

Viewing Exhibits

While in a deposition, attorneys may show or present exhibits.  You will see them on your screen along with the videos.  As a witness, you do not have to perform any functions but you will be asked questions about the exhibits as they relate to your case .  

Sharing Your Screen

As a witness, if you are given sharing permissions, you may be asked to share your own screen.  Choose the Share option(), then the Share screen.

Breakout Rooms

Private, off-the-record meetings can be held with attorneys and clients. The host or reporter will initiate the breakout rooms if and when appropriate.  

  • The background will become red when you are sent to a breakout room.  Breakout rooms are off the record and are never recorded.
  • You can leave the breakout room when finished. 

Leave or Exit the conference

When the meeting or deposition concludes, use the leave room button () to exit the meeting.


  • There are two components to a successful connection.  One, the video connection, and two, the ASR connection.
  • If one of these components’ connection is lost, the other may still function.
  • The host or reporter can check the Attendees’ status by choosing the Attendees tab on the sidebar.

  • If the status is red, the participant has not joined the session or has lost internet connection.  Confirm that the participant has a good internet connection (10 Mpbs upload and download) and they have joined the correct room.
  • The correct room information can be found from the Settings menu – Room Information


  • If the status is yellow, the participant is connected to the ASR portion of the meeting but not the videoconference portion.  Click the browser refresh button or press F5 to refresh. 
  • Some computers, Fn+F5 must be pressed.
  • If the ASR has stopped but the videoconference portion is working, press the refresh button as stated above.
  • If the status is green, the participants are connected for both the ASR and the conference video portions.
  • TIP:  If there is a problem with the connections, the host or reporter should go “Off the record” until it is resolved.