“We empower our
Clients to produce
a verbatim record.”


We are a team of visionaries designing and developing a virtual conferencing platform to address the growing need for an alternate method of producing a verbatim record of spoken words.

Our philosophy is rooted in three P’s — Platform, People, and Production.

We have designed and built a cloud-based platform from the ground up for one purpose: to fill a gap created by the shortage of court reporters. More specifically, our platform uses stenographic means or AI to produce a verbatim record of depositions, hearings, etc.

Unlike the competition, we did not take shortcuts and used off-the-shelf video conferencing. Our platform was purpose-built to isolate every speaker and produce high-quality audio and video recordings.

An important component of our offering is the people who operate the platform — the court reporters. Court reporters are a vital part of any proceeding. They are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the record, among other functions. Equally important are the attorneys, judges, and judicial officers who rely on the platform to view the testimony in real time as it is given.  DepoDash has been designed to meet the needs of those who rely on the platform.


We understand the gravity of producing an accurate transcript. We have no illusion that some entity’s livelihood hangs in the balance.

Transcript production on DepoDash may be a team effort. It allows multiple operators to edit the transcript, ensure the accuracy of the transcript, and expedite its delivery to the consumer. For example, The court reporter, a transcriber, and a proofreader may simultaneously edit and proofread the transcript in real time. This feature enables the litigants to receive a rough copy of the transcript at the end of a proceeding.


DepoDash is an all-in-one purpose-built platform that offers a comprehensive set of features to produce an accurate verbatim record of a virtual meeting.  It is an end-to-end process that addresses all aspects of making and safeguarding a record.


DepoDash is a cloud-based platform with a video conferencing system explicitly designed for virtual hearings and depositions.
The platform uses machine learning to capture the participants’ audio and video and isolate each speaker so the AI can correctly and accurately translate the spoken words in the speaker’s native language.
The translated text (transcripts) will be timestamped and synchronized with the audio and the video. The media will remain on the cloud server. Authenticated participants will have access to the record.


A court reporter is integral to any proceeding requiring a verbatim record. We empower court reporters to moderate proceedings and produce a record on DepoDash. The empowering features include the ability to monitor the virtual room, edit the transcript in real-time, playback a testimony upon request, escort the parties to private huddle rooms for an off-the-record discussion, annotate the record, etc.

The unique editing process enables the designated participants to receive a draft copy of the transcript at the end of a proceeding.

Attorney on DepoDash Deposing a witness.


Viewing a real-time transcript during a deposition may be the most lethal arrow in a litigator’s quiver.

Real-time transcription is a typical service provided by traditional court reporters.  DepoDash uses AI to produce an accurate transcript in real-time.  More importantly, it identifies the speakers to enhance the transcript readability.

The litigator may attach private notes or issue codes to a statement, search for a passage, share exhibits, share their screen, enter a huddle room with their team for an off-the-record discussion, chat, request a read-back, and much more.

DepoDash maintains the user notes securely and privately and is only accessible to the user who added the notes to the transcript.  See the Platform page for more information.


We are committed to upholding our core values which are integrity, boldness, honesty, accountability, and commitment to customers.  We are not bound by convention — Our success lies in developing innovative ways to do things.


Product pricing should be simple and predictable without any hidden fees. DepoDash pricing for the services we offer to our clients follows.

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