How do you protect decades-old court reporting standards while addressing the ever-growing court reporter shortage?

The demand for verbatim court reporting is rising.  Litigators prefer the convenience of virtual deposition platforms. How accurate and secure are off-the-shelf Platforms?

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Introducing DepoDash. 

A Digital Court Reporting Platform.

the Shortage

Leverage the power of AI to deliver a verbatim transcript.


DepoDash leverages the advances in AI to deliver a secure cloud-based digital court reporting system.  A court reporter, using the method of their choice, operates the platform in the same manner as a traditional court reporter and offers the same benefits to the litigators.

It represents the vision of experts serving the court reporting market for over four decades!


DepoDash is a cloud-based model that delivers on-demand verbatim court reporting services in a secure environment.

Technology Highlights

Our AI-based platform reflects traditional processes and procedures used to perform an in-person deposition.

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